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The Benefits of Cooking with Fresh Produce

The Benefits of Cooking with Fresh Produce

We live in a day and age where processed food is everywhere, and although it might make our lives a bit easier, we’re missing out on a terrific opportunity to build up our immune systems by eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh produce is ten times better than almost anything else we could eat, and it’s not even more expensive or harder to get. Why not go back to eating fresh produce?

For many of us, it’s long since time we made some changes to our eating habits. We can start today by introducing fresh produce to our diet. For flavor, texture and nutrition, there’s no reason not to! Here’s all you need to know about fresh produce and the “Incredibly fresh” fruit and veggies you can order today from Seed to Table.

Benefits of Eating Fresh Produce

Spicy chili peppers, bell peppers, meaty eggplants, tomatoes, squash and even watermelons. When the fruit and vegetables you eat come from a committed farm run by enthusiastic people, you get produce that’s not only beautiful and flavorful but also more nutritious!

Good for the planet. Fresh produce from quality farms is aligned with guaranteeing our long-term health and the well-being of our environment, so by eating fresh produce, you’re taking care of yourself and the planet.

Efficient rather than industrial. Fresh produce might come from broad farms tended like gardens or state-of-the-art greenhouses, which guarantee an extensive rather than intensive way of farming. This is farming with love.

High-tech farming. These days, technology plays a part in quality farms. Computer-regulated drip irrigation is a wonderful way of achieving optimal water conservation, and GPS navigation allows for unintrusive pest management. Farms are much more than red barns and a few plots of land; they’re authentic high-tech sources of quality food in balance with the ecosystem.

More nutritious. Processed fruit and veggies lose some of their vitamins and minerals during their production. You receive all the nutrition with fresh produce.

Prettier and tastier. Fresh produce is just nicer looking and tastier than processed alternatives. The color, texture and flavor are at their peak in fresh produce.

Meet Alfie Oakes

What is fresh produce anyway? Well, Seed to Table’s quality starts on the farms. Our farms are one of the most committed producers of fruit and vegetables in the state of Florida, and we are now a reliable source of fresh produce nationwide. Let’s just say the folks here are proud of having the highest commitment to quality.

It all started with a man and his dream. Alfie Oakes began working on farms since he graduated from high school. With an authentic green thumb, the businessman, entrepreneur and farmer at heart, took his passion for “incredibly fresh” produce to the next level in 2005. His efforts resulted in Oakes Farms’ 500 acres of farmland and 10 acres of greenhouses, all committed to producing the highest-quality produce Florida has ever seen.

Changing the Way We Eat

One meal at a time, you can cook healthier, more colorful and flavorful meals for your loved ones, and it all starts with fresh produce. When your fruits and veggies are fresh, cooking is easy. After all, you don’t need to do much with fresh produce to turn it into a fantastic meal!

From breakfast to dinner and from starters to dessert. There’s nothing fresh produce can’t do. Adding it to your shopping list is the easiest way of leveling up your cooking game. Let’s change how we eat and live fuller lives. After all, cooking with fresh produce is being in communion with the land.

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